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School of Undergraduate Studies 2020-2021 
School of Undergraduate Studies 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

Student Life seeks to enrich the education and development of every Gordon student. We do this through the cultivation of an intentional Christian community committed to empowering students to serve, engage, lead and thrive to the Glory of God.


The Orientation program is specially designed to give students exposure to all Gordon offers and is required of all incoming students.

The Orientation program will encourage growth and ease in a new environment through a process of informing, discovering, experiencing, learning and welcoming; provide accurate information regarding academic expectations as well as an introduction to the academic resources provided to support and promote scholastic achievement; acquaint new students with the people and the programs at Gordon College; and introduce new students to a variety of services and resources available on campus and in the surrounding area including Boston.

In addition to these essential yet pragmatic goals, the overarching aim of the program is to embrace all new students as individuals and assist them as they begin to discover their roles, not only within our community, but ultimately in God’s Church and in His world.

Residence Halls

Gordon is committed to residence life as a major component of the collegiate experience. Living in community with others is a central aspect of the student’s total education. Gordon offers a diversity of campus housing including common-lounge halls, suite-style halls, apartment-style halls and small living/learning centers. An emphasis on programming such as fireside chats with faculty and special guest speakers in residence hall lounges enriches academic endeavors. Cultural activities, spiritual growth opportunities, seminars on current topics of interest, intramural sports and social activities are also offered as part of the holistic development program.

All full-time students are required to live on campus unless married, living with relatives, over 23 years of age, or granted permission by the Office of Student Life. Room rental contracts include only the periods when residence halls are officially open during each academic term. Arrangements must be made with the Office of Student Life for accommodations during a vacation period.

Health Center

Gordon is committed to providing holistic health care for illness and injury and recognizes the connection between the physical health of a student and that student’s academic challenges and emotional, social and spiritual issues. The Health Center provides treatment for common illness, some medications, lab tests and specialty referrals to local physicians as needed. It is staffed by registered nurses and offers opportunity for physician (MD) or nurse practitioner (NP) visits as well.

Health Center services are available to Gordon students during the school year only. The Health Center is closed for all scheduled school holidays and breaks. The Health Center opens the first day of Orientation and is closed after Commencement (except for medical record processing and other administrative tasks).

All new students (first-year and transfer) and all students returning from withdrawal must provide a completed five-page medical questionnaire which includes demographic and contact information, health history, documentation of a physical exam completed within one year of the day starting the academic year, and vaccines as required by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: (3) hepatitis B, (2) MMR, (1) Menactra. (1) Tdap, and (2) Varicella (or proof of disease) and a TB screening. This health form is available from the Admissions Office and can be downloaded from the Admissions website as well. It must be submitted to the Health Center with ALL requirements met by August 1.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center assists students with mental health concerns, including issues related to adjustment, mood disorders, personal and family concerns, and relationship issues. The Center is staffed by licensed psychotherapists and mental health counselors. Confidential counseling services are provided to Gordon College students for a limited number of sessions at no charge. Visit http://www.gordon.edu/counselingcenter for more information.

Student Leadership Opportunities

All Gordon students are encouraged to become involved in leadership positions with an emphasis on servant leadership. These opportunities are wide in variety and scope. They include the Gordon College Student Association, Office of Service Learning interns, ALANA, class representatives, student ministries, campus events planning, Orientation, clubs and organizations, and student residence hall staff. In addition, there are positions available on the staffs of the newspaper and student literary publications. A program of leadership development activities and workshops culminates each year with LEAD, an annual student leadership development conference in the spring.

Multicultural Initiatives

Gordon College seeks to promote community awareness and appreciation of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Expressions of various cultural histories represented in the student body are encouraged through programs, worship services and cultural awareness experiences and are rooted in our Shalom statement. Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Multicultural Initiatives, which is located next to the GCSA offices and is staffed during business hours. Underlying this ministry is the intent to provide support for students from various ethnic, cultural and language backgrounds, and to enhance unity and reconciliation through increased understanding of the diversity within our community.

Career and Connection Institute

The Career and Connection Institute (CCI) equips students and alumni for lives of flourishing in their work, worship and service. In partnership with the faculty and other departments of the College, we provide opportunities for vocational exploration and professional preparation. Organized around industry- and profession-focused pathways, the Institute coordinates learning, experiences and networking that allow students to explore and pursue their callings. CCI facilitates connections to on-campus and off-campus internship opportunities and other experiences, including expeditions and fairs. Students are encouraged to use the Handshake system to apply for internship and job opportunities, make employer connections, register for CCI events, and access how-tos and templates for use in their career and development processes.

Campus Activities

At Gordon the campus activities and recreation program seeks to challenge the campus community as individuals, in groups, and as a whole in physical and imaginative events, concerts and activities. The goal is to enhance students’ enjoyment of God’s creation through play in its variety of forms.

The Campus Events Council (CEC) at Gordon College operates under the Office of Student Life and is a student-led/staff-advised group, which plans the weekend and midweek activities on and off campus. CEC’s main goal is to enhance the lives of the student body and to create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation during an otherwise stressful period of life-college. CEC helps create memories and engage students in fun by planning diverse events to reach out to all types of students. Events include the Highland Games, Oktober Fest, Gordon Globes, Golden Goose, movie nights, Winter Formal and other dances, trips to Boston, cultural experiences, concerts, band nights, coffee houses, and more.


Athletic Program and Intramurals

The athletic program at Gordon is designed to encourage participation by students in intercollegiate teams. There are women’s varsity teams in field hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, track and field, soccer, lacrosse, cross-country and swimming. Men’s varsity sports include soccer, cross-country, basketball, tennis, baseball, lacrosse, swimming and track and field. Recreation and Intramurals provide a variety of events and leagues for different levels of skill and interest in informal, cooperative and structured competitive sports and activities. The Bennett Athletic and Recreation Center also provides opportunities for varied drop-in recreational activities.