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Graduate and Extended Studies 2023-24 
Graduate and Extended Studies 2023-24

Extended Studies

Extended Studies are offered to meet the needs of diverse learners – reaching high school students who desire to begin their collegiate career early and residential students interested in taking classes both in person or fully online during non-traditional semesters. Extended Studies includes Dual Enrollment, Pre-Collegiate Programs, and Summer Term course options.



Academic Policies

Gordon College allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll in a selection of online courses offered during the undergraduate fall, spring, summer, and winter terms. Students must apply through the Admissions office and obtain guidance counselor approval to be enrolled. Students may enroll in on-campus and other online courses from the undergraduate offerings with permission of their advisor and the course instructor.

Dual enrollment students are limited to 12 credits per semester.

Tuition is heavily discounted compared to standard undergraduate tuition fees. See Dual Enrollment web pages: https://www.gordon.edu/dualenrollment

Registration Deadlines

Regular fall and spring undergraduate semester registration deadlines apply. See Undergraduate Academic Catalog. For summer and winter courses, see Summer Term and Winter Term registration deadlines.

Dual Enrollment Fresh Start Program:

The Gordon College Dual Enrollment Fresh Start program provides a second chance to students who struggled academically with Gordon College courses while in high school.  We recognize that the dual enrollment environment is different than being a full-time student in a residential college campus environment.   


Students who matriculate for the first time with prior Gordon College credit earned through the dual enrollment program may apply for the Fresh Start Program.

In such cases, all courses, credit hours and grades will remain on the transcript. A notation of the Gordon College Fresh Start program will be added at the start of their first semester as a matriculated student and only grades earned after entering the Fresh Start program will be calculated in the new GPA. In other words, the GPA starts anew upon admission to the Fresh Start program.

 Courses with passing grades are used to satisfy program requirements. Students may be required to retake courses from academic terms covered by Fresh Start if the major/minor GPA rules of a degree program so dictate.

A student must apply for Fresh Start during the admission process. Students can only exercise the “Fresh Start” option once and the Fresh Start will apply to all prior Gordon College courses. Once a student opts into the Fresh Start program, they cannot change their minds. Students admitted under Fresh Start are eligible to graduate with honors.



Heritage is a summer honors program for high school students who demonstrate a commitment to Christ, a curiosity to explore the foundations of classical thought, and an eagerness to apply an integrated framework of creativity to life. During this program, students will experience college life on the coast of New England as they explore the riches of a liberal arts education. Throughout the week, full of faculty seminars, cross-cultural cooking classes, excursions into historic Boston and workshops in the creative arts, students will cultivate the disciplines and desires necessary to live a life of flourishing.  

Application and Program deadlines: Gordon.edu/heritage/apply


Academic Policies

Gordon College offers a selection of credit and enrichment courses from various disciplines each Summer Term. Most classes are taught online asynchronously to meet student needs. Most classes start the Monday immediately after Commencement and are generally finished by the middle of June, but others, particularly sequenced courses, may extend into the summer. Classes taken for credit are billed at a reduced rate per credit hour since financial aid is not available. Courses are also available for enrichment only at a lower rate per credit. Summer housing is available; an activity fee covers costs of special programming.

Because Summer Term courses are very intensive, students should plan carefully to avoid outside commitments. Special refund and withdrawal policies apply to this term’s traditional and online courses. See Summer Term web pages: https://www.gordon.edu/summerterm

Registration Deadlines

Deadline to register: First day of term. 

Last day to drop courses with no academic record: Fifth day of term.  

Last day to withdraw from courses with a W grade: Ten business days following the start of the course. A $10 fee will be charged for each withdrawal. A “W” will be recorded on the permanent record.

Last day to submit remaining requirements and change Incomplete to a grade: October 11.