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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Core Curriculum


The Core Curriculum explores the liberal arts and sciences from a Christian perspective. In core courses students and faculty seek to understand and wisely engage creation and the social order. We investigate diverse aspects of the complexity, coherence and beauty of creation. We interact with historic and contemporary cultures, accepting the longstanding Christian call to seek after truth and beauty, to think critically and constructively, to exercise moral discernment, and to develop habits of just and compassionate action. The curriculum encourages the development of a Christian character that manifests itself in informed and redemptive responses to the world and the needs of the global community.


The Core Curriculum seeks to foster:

  • Knowledge of God’s character and purposes as revealed in Scripture and understood in the life of the Church
  • Knowledge and stewardship of the creation in all its complexity, coherence and beauty
  • Understanding of humankind as created, fallen and redeemed, and an appreciation for various perspectives on human nature
  • Understanding of and engagement with global cultures in all their diversity
  • Understanding of diverse ways of knowing about nature, humankind and God, and an ability to draw on multiple disciplinary perspectives when confronting complex problems
  • Development of Christian character, moral discernment and civic responsibility
  • Practice of critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and clear written and oral communication
  • Development of aesthetic sensibilities and practices
  • Habits of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness

COR 107 - The Great Conversation: Foundations in Thinking, Reading and Writing  

Students in selected honors/fellows programs will take instead

COR 108 - The Great Conversation: Foundations in Thinking, Reading and Writing  and
COR 109 - The Great Conversation: Foundations in Thinking, Reading and Writing  


La Vida/Discovery requirement

Students will take one of the following:

PED 015 - Discovery  
PED 016 - La Vida Wilderness Expeditions  
PED 017 - Concepts of Wellness  (by petition only)


BCM 101 - Old Testament History, Literature and Theology  
BCM 103 - New Testament History, Literature and Theology 
BCM 308 - Christian Theology 
HIS 121 - Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief and Civilization  
NSM 202 - The Scientific Enterprise  

One of the following philosophy courses:
PHI 118 - The Examined Life  
PHI 202 - Philosophy in the Ancient/Medieval World  
PHI 203 - Philosophy in the Early Modern World  
PHI 220 - Philosophy of Religion  
PHI 233 - Environmental Ethics  
PHI 234 - Philosophy of Art and Beauty  
PHI 236 - Contemporary Ethics: Love, Life, Death  

Language Study (8 credits)
One year of foreign language study (in the same language) at the beginning college level is required. 

  • Students who validate language I or language I and II will complete 4 credits each in social sciences, fine arts, and literature.
  • Students who do not validate the language requirement will complete 8 credits of language and 8 credits total in social sciences, fine arts, and literature, with at least two credits from each of those three categories.

Physical Education (each course 0 credits; course fee applied)
Two DIFFERENT courses from PE018-099. Physical Education Activity Classes should be completed prior to junior year. One transcripted varsity sport may fulfill an activity course requirement; second sport or additional seasons cannot be used. Use of club sports participation requires preapproval by the director of physical education. Armed Forces basic training or R.O.T.C. training may also fulfill one activity with documentation.


GENERAL CORE (Choose 4 credits from each division)

Natural Sciences 
BIO 150 - Biology I: Cells and Genetics 
BIO 151 - Biology II: Animal Biology 
BIO 213 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I  
BIO 222 - Environmental Science 
BIO 225 - Nutrition 
BIO 302 - Crops and Society 
CPS 110 - Algorithms and Machines: An Introduction to Computer Science 
CPS 121 - Introduction to Programming  
CPS 331 - Artificial Intelligence 
KIN 213 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I 
KIN 112 - Introduction to Human Movement Studies  
MAT 134 - Survey of Calculus 
MAT 141 - Calculus I 
MAT 200 - Mathematical Inquiry 
NSM 220 - Human Biology, Health and Disease 
PHY 111 - General Physics I 
PHY 121 - Introductory Physics I  
PHY 125 - Introduction to Engineering and the Applied Sciences  
PHY 200 - Astronomy  
PHY 283 - Modern Physics  
PHY 293 - Mechanics  
PHY 372 - Thermal Physics  

Social Sciences
ECB 101 - Principles of Microeconomics 
ECB 349 - Leadership in and of Organizations  
POL 104 - American National Politics 
POL 312 - Justice 
POL 322 - American Political Thought 
SWK 201 - Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare  

Fine Arts
ART 150 - Art History: Cave Art to Medieval 
ART 151 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern 
ART 152 - American Art History as Cultural Encounter 
ART 410 - Modern Art Seminar 
COM 356 - Media Criticism 
COM 358 - Film and TV Genres 
FNA 112 - Arts in Concert 
MUS 241 - A Survey of Musical Masterworks 
MUS 245 - World Music 
MUS 337 - Music in Worship 
ORV 270 - Disegno/Drawing at Orvieto 
THT 234 - Introduction to Theatre 
THT 291 - International Seminar: Studies on British Stage  

Ensemble Option

For non-music majors only, the Fine Arts requirement may be fulfilled by completing four semesters of ensembles.  Ensembles may be taken for one or zero credits; completion of more than one ensemble in any semester still counts as one semester towards the requirement.

MUS 250 - College Choir 
MUS 251 - Symphonic Band 
MUS 252 - Men’s Choir 
MUS 253 - Gordon Symphony Orchestra 
MUS 254 - Women’s Choir 
MUS 257 - Jazz Ensemble 
MUS 258 - Wind Ensemble 

ENG 141 - Western Literature 
ENG 143 - Women’s Literature 
ENG 145 - Nobel Literature 
ENG 148 - Literature and Human Rights 
ENG 211 - Introduction to the Study of Language and Literature 
ENG 247 - Introduction to African American Literature  
EDU 232 - Adolescent Literature 
SPN 372 - Survey of Latin American Literature