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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education (B.S.) in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

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The student seeking licensure as a teacher in the sciences or mathematics at the high school level is required to maintain a minimum 2.70 cumulative GPA and earn a C or better in education classes. Students choose core options which meet licensure requirements as defined by the Department of Education and complete an appropriate major (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics) to teach in grades 8 through 12. The student must apply for acceptance into the program during the sophomore year and must meet licensure requirements for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the time of program completion.✣ To meet state requirements for licensure, all secondary students must complete the ESL licensure concentration or earn the SEI endorsement. See departmental advisor and liberal arts major advisor.

✣ The College reserves the right to alter program requirements as necessary to remain in compliance with Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education licensure standards.

The following courses are required for the major in secondary education for the sciences:

Core Adjustments for Secondary Education (B.S.)

Due to licensure requirements, students majoring in secondary education (B.S.) will receive core adjustments as noted below.  All other core requirements must be completed as outlined in the Core Curriculum  section of the catalog.


Social Science will be fulfilled with EDU 118 - Schools in Society 
Literature will be fulfilled with EDU 232 - Adolescent Literature .  

Special Education licensure
Students who complete the requirements for the Special Education license may waive the foreign language requirement.

ESL licensure
Non-language majors who complete the requirements for the ESL license may waive the foreign language requirement.  Students whose second major is a foreign language must still meet prerequisites for 200- and upper-level courses in that major.

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