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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chair Kaye Cook, Bryan Auday, Susan Bobb, Jonathan Gerber, Bert Hodges.

MISSION: The Psychology Department seeks to provide an understanding of the actions, feelings and thoughts that relate persons to their physical, social and spiritual contexts. Theory is emphasized since it provides a framework for critical reflection and creative activity, but research skill development is required of all students, as is an introduction to clinical issues and skills. Opportunities for the application of clinical and research skills are readily available and encouraged. A primary concern in the department is to develop in students an understanding of the nature of humans that fits with psychological and biblical knowledge. Research and application (e.g., therapy, education) are extensively discussed and critically evaluated in the context of this understanding.

With a bachelor’s degree, students are prepared for graduate work in psychology and related fields and/or for employment in human and social services or business settings. The department intends to prepare all students to carry out their scholarly, professional and personal vocations in a way that reflects their Christian commitment and motivates and empowers them to act as agents of redemptive change. Both faculty and students are encouraged to develop and use their scholarly and professional skills to serve the communities of psychology, the church and the world.




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