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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science

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Chair Ruth Melkonian-Hoover, Paul Brink, Michael Jacobs, Timothy Sherratt.

MISSION: The Department of Political Science offers two majors: political science and international affairs, the latter in cooperation with the Department of Economics and Business. Both majors seek to provide an understanding of politics which is Christian in its presuppositions and substance, and comprehensive in its interests and concerns. Such an approach testifies … “to the God Who called [Creation] into existence, sustains it, and remains sovereign over it.” Additionally, it provides an intellectually coherent platform from which to join the larger conversation in academia, and resources to assist both faculty and students in taking their political responsibilities seriously and making informed contributions to the creation of a more just political order. Finally, it provides a solid academic foundation for further professional and educational involvement in the fields represented by the two majors.

Honors in Political Science

In exceptional cases, political science and international affairs majors may earn honors by researching and writing an honors thesis over the course of the senior year. Under the direction of a faculty advisor, candidates will develop a thesis proposal in the spring prior to the senior year and, with approval of the Political Science Department, register for and complete 8 credits of independent research in the senior year (registered as POL 471 , POL 472  Research I, II). For honors, the thesis must be of high quality and sufficient scope, and must be defended orally before department faculty toward the end of spring term in senior year. The minimum GPA for honors candidates is 3.50; depending on the topic, substantial cognate coursework may be required junior and senior years. An honors thesis should be considered by students intending to complete advanced degrees in political science or international affairs. See department faculty for details.

Interdisciplinary Minors

Gender Studies Minor   

Innovation & Social Enterprise Minor  

Peace and Conflict Studies Minor    

Prelaw Minor  





      Political Science

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