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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Divisions

Division of the Humanities

Elaine Phillips, Moderator

MISSION: The Humanities Division seeks to enable students and faculty to explore and articulate their Christian worldview, reflecting on the human condition and varieties of human experience, and using minds informed by biblical faith.

A major focus of the humanities is the appropriate use of languages, particularly the construction and interpretation of written texts. Our disciplines focus on the task of clarifying words, concepts and arguments; we value both imaginative and rhetorical skills. Our scholarly efforts seek to maintain a critical dialogue with the past. Our disciplines do not lead to primarily utilitarian ends but rather seek to make possible a deeper personal and social life.

Division of Fine Arts

David Rox, Moderator

MISSION: The Division of Fine Arts offers opportunities for students to develop their creative capabilities and deepen their understanding of the fine arts. Through varied learning environments and practices, students refine their aesthetic values for both critique and creative expression; engage historical perspectives on the interplay among the fine arts, faith and culture; develop competencies that broaden knowledge and comprehension of a particular art form; and develop facility in creative and conscientious communicative practices.

Division of Education

Priscilla S. Nelson, Moderator
Janet S. Arndt, Director of Teacher Education and Licensure

MISSION: The Division of Education seeks to prepare individuals who are grounded in Christian principles for careers as professionals in education. The Division is committed to the establishment of a nurturing community of learners, partnering with local schools and institutions of service, preparing professional leaders and developing Christian agents of change.

Division of the Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science

Irvin J. Levy, Moderator

MISSION: Recognizing all of creation as a gift from God, faculty and students in our division seek to properly understand, appreciate, use and care for the natural world. We strive to equip our students with knowledge and skills in the scientific, mathematical and computational realms and thus help to prepare them for the workplace and for further study.

Division of the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Daniel Johnson, Moderator

This division examines the interaction of individuals, social groups and societies in a variety of contexts. The common theme is to uncover our nature and task as responsible image bearers of God.