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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries

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Chair Elaine Phillips, Mark Cannister, Daniel Darko, Roger Green, Theodore Hildebrandt, Amy Hughes, Steven Hunt, Sharon Ketcham, Robert Whittet, Marvin Wilson. Part-time: Paul Borthwick, Mark Jennings, Scott Larson.

MISSION: The Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries Department fosters a community where students and professors prepare to engage our cultural contexts with a vibrant and effective understanding of the Scriptures, construct a coherent biblical worldview, grapple with questions that address faith and life, and serve as responsible citizens of the Body of Christ. The department desires to model: 1) conviction that Scripture, God’s authoritative revelation, is faithful and trustworthy; 2) recognition of our own need for God’s presence by the indwelling Word and the Holy Spirit; 3) humble and enthusiastic study of Scripture in pursuit of truth, justice and mercy; and 4) courage to represent the gospel of Jesus Christ in a complex world.

Biblical Studies Major

The biblical studies major is designed to prepare some students for admission to seminary and various ministries of teaching the Word. For others it provides the basic foundation in biblical education needed for various church vocations and ministries both at home and around the world. Still others are encouraged to make the Bible their major emphasis in a broad liberal arts education, which will enable them to live effectively and productively for Christ in various places and vocations.

Gordon College/Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Course Agreement

A Gordon College senior may take up to two courses at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary as a special student. Students must get advanced permission from the registrars of both institutions prior to enrolling, in addition to completing the special student application at Gordon-Conwell. Students who are interested in taking courses at Gordon-Conwell under these conditions should meet first with Gordon College’s chair of the Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries.

Interdisciplinary Christian Studies (ICS): Chesterton House at Cornell University

Gordon College collaborates with the Chesterton House Christian Studies Center at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, as an academic resource and credit-granting host for this unique interdisciplinary program for Cornell University students.

The program serves to identify and nurture future leaders not only for church and para-church ministries but also for other areas of cultural leadership such as business, education, public service, journalism, law and medicine.

The primary focus of these courses is biblical and theological study. Instructors utilize these disciplinary lenses to reflect theologically on topics such as environmental ethics, social and economic justice, pluralism and multiculturalism, science and faith, religion and public life. Additionally, these courses provide opportunities for students to examine relevant intersections between faith and life and construct responses drawing on course content. The courses are taught on the Cornell University campus.

ICS 207 Discipleship and Vocation in the Gospel of Mark   - 2 credits               

ICS 226 Identity, Community, Vocation  - 2 credits

ICS 228 Wisdom and Worldview in the Book of Proverbs  - 2 credits                                         

ICS 240 Biblical and Cultural Hermeneutics Language and Interpretation  - 2 credits

Christian Ministries Major

The Christian ministries major brings together five academic areas of ministry study, offering concentrations in youth ministries, juvenile justice ministries, pastoral ministries, global Christianity, and outdoor education ministries. Each shares a common set of courses, values, theology and principles while maintaining unique distinctions concerning ministry contexts and foci. Students have the dual benefit of taking common coursework alongside other ministry majors with diverse interests and engaging in highly focused coursework that is specific to one ministry context.

The contextual concentrations prepare students to serve effectively within various ministries of churches, parachurch organizations and other agencies engaged in service and ministry. Coupled with Gordon College’s broad liberal arts Core Curriculum and an extensive field experience, the Christian ministries major uniquely prepares students for ministry in a variety of contexts as well as an array of graduate study programs. The major requirements for Christian ministries will also qualify a student for a minor in biblical studies.

Honors in Christian Ministries

A student who researches and writes an honors thesis will be eligible to graduate with honors in Christian ministries. Under the direction of a faculty advisor, a candidate will complete 6 credits of independent research in the senior year (BCM 471 BCM 472 ) in conjunction with BCM 491 - Senior Seminar in Christian Ministries . For honors the thesis must be defended orally before the faculty toward the end of the spring term. The minimum GPA for honors candidates is 3.5 within the major and 3.0 overall.





      Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries

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