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School of Undergraduate Studies 2021-2022 
School of Undergraduate Studies 2021-2022

Psychology, Sociology and Social Welfare

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Department Chair: Kaye Cook

Faculty: Bryan Auday, Susan Bobb, Sybil Coleman, Ivy George, Sarah Krass, Daniel Norton.  Adjunct: Andrea Brown, Matthew Levison, Glenn Smith, Janice Tedford.

Psychology Program

MISSION: The Psychology Program seeks to provide an understanding of the actions, feelings and thoughts that relate persons to their physical, social and spiritual contexts. Theory is emphasized since it provides a framework for critical reflection and creative activity, but research skill development is required of all students, as is an introduction to clinical issues and skills. Opportunities for the application of clinical and research skills are readily available and encouraged. A primary concern in the department is to develop in students an understanding of the nature of humans that fits with psychological and biblical knowledge. Research and application (e.g., therapy, education) are extensively discussed and critically evaluated in the context of this understanding.

Psychology Major

With a bachelor’s degree, students are prepared for graduate work in psychology and related fields and/or for employment in human and social services or business settings. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 38 credits. The Bachelor of Science degree requires an additional 8 credits that are designed to increase student research skills for graduate and professional work, including for those who would like to work in the allied health fields. 

The department intends to prepare all students to carry out their scholarly, professional and personal vocations in a way that reflects their Christian commitment and motivates and empowers them to act as agents of redemptive change. Both faculty and students are encouraged to develop and use their scholarly and professional skills to serve the communities of psychology, the church and the world.

Neuroscience Minor

The minor in neuroscience offers an introduction to the study of brain function. It is an interdisciplinary program in human and nonhuman behaviors drawing from departments of psychology, biology, chemistry, and kinesiology. There is a maximum of 8 credits that can be applied to both the neuroscience minor and one’s own major requirements.

Sociology Minor

MISSION: The Sociology minor is designed to offer an understanding of the characteristics, processes and components of human social life and impart the skills necessary for critical analysis of the same. This understanding is based on a solid grasp of social theory and research methods and is integrated with the assumptions and principles of the Christian faith. Moreover, since an understanding of social life is significantly deepened by direct exposure to and engagement in a variety of social contexts, the department facilitates opportunities for learning in urban, national, international and organizational settings. 

Social Welfare Major

MISSION: The social welfare major educates students for entry-level, generalist practice in social work, social welfare, and social policy within the context of a Christian liberal arts institution. The major maintains a commitment to the value and dignity of every person and the biblical mandate to address social and structural inequality. Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of settings to help bring about peace, justice, and social transformation.

Human Services Minor

The human services minor is appropriate for those interested in entry-level practice in social welfare and public policy. Students learn about organized networks of public and private social services, and basic practices and perspectives in the social work profession. In so doing, they acquire the knowledge to understand, participate, and lead in efforts to actively transform the social problems in American society and abroad.




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