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School of Graduate, Professional and Extended Studies 2022-23 
School of Graduate, Professional and Extended Studies 2022-23 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Matriculation. Students who have not matriculated may complete up to nine (9) credit hours of graduate coursework at Gordon College prior to acceptance into the program. After completion of nine (9) credit hours of graduate work, students who have not matriculated may not register for additional courses. Courses expire after five years and will not be counted toward degree requirements.

Academic Advisor. Students are introduced to their Academic Advisor after acceptance into the degree program. The Academic Advisor may be consulted regularly to assist with class registration, academic planning, and career development. The  Academic Advisor will assist in monitoring student academic progress and course involvement and will contact faculty and program directors on an as needed basis. While the Academic Advisor offers support throughout the degree program, it remains the student’s sole responsibility to be familiar with College policies and deadline and to complete all graduation requirements. 

Course Interaction. Students are expected to regularly interact with the course and keep up with course requirements. In the event of unforeseen circumstances causing students to fall behind, communication and documentation is required for the professor and shared with the academic advisor. Students who fall too far behind may be required to withdraw from the course.

Grade Point Average (GPA). Students are expected to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA to remain in the program. Only grades of B- quality or better will be counted towards completion of the program requirements. Courses may be repeated. The higher of the grades will be calculated in the cumulative grade point average.

Grade Grade Points Meaning
A (93 - 100%) 4.0 Exceptional
A- (90 - 92%) 3.7 Very good
B+ (87 - 89%) 3.3 Good
B (83 - 86%) 3.0 Satisfactory
B- (80 - 82%) 2.7 Low pass
C+ (79% and below) 2.3 Unacceptable
C 2.0 Unacceptable
F 0.0 Failure to pass
W - Withdrew
I - Incomplete

Grade point averages are determined by dividing total grade points by total hours attempted at Gordon.

The grade I (Incomplete) is allowed when a student is unable to complete course requirements due to unpreventable or unforeseen circumstances. Students have seven weeks after the start of a new term to complete coursework for a course granted an Incomplete. Students may petition for an additional seven weeks due to extenuating circumstances. Request an Incomplete Grade Request form from the Executive Director.

Transfer credit. The MSFA program allows transfer credits if the course(s) are equivalent. After matriculation, students should submit a Transfer of Credit form and an official transcript as well as a syllabus of the course being transferred to the Executive Director of the program. The course(s) will be reviewed and the student will receive email confirmation of approval/disapproval. A maximum of six (6) graduate credit hours with a grade of B- or better may be transferred from another accredited graduate program. Transfer credit must be no more than five (5) years old. The Executive Director of the program notifies students of final acceptance or rejection of transfer credits.


Requirements for Graduation 

  • An application for graduation submitted to the Director of Operations for Graduate Programs with a fee of $150
  • Completion of all program requirements with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Endorsement from the Board of Trustees
  • Final administrative and academic clearance

Commencement Participation. Graduate students who will have completed all requirements by the end of the summer semester are eligible to participate in Commencement. Degree candidates who have no more than five courses remaining during the summer semester may petition to walk at Commencement.  Final approval is given by the Executive Director. Candidates must be registered for the final course(s) and have all balances cleared prior to April 30. Degrees are conferred on three dates each year: May Commencement, August 31 and December 31. All work must be completed and graded prior to the date of the degree conferral.