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School of Graduate, Professional and Extended Studies 2022-23 
School of Graduate, Professional and Extended Studies 2022-23

Leadership - Academic Information

Matriculation. Students need to formally apply to the program before beginning coursework. Courses expire after 5 years and will not be counted toward degree requirements.

Advising. Students will be assigned a program advisor. In addition to acting as an advocate for the student, the advisor and the student will work out a program of study leading towards graduation.

Attendance. Students are expected to attend all class sessions as attendance ensures course content knowledge. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, communication and documentation is required for the professor and the Graduate Leadership Office. Students with excessive absences may be required to withdraw from the course.

Grade Point Average (GPA). Students are expected to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA to remain in the program. Only grades of B- quality or better will be counted towards completion of the program requirements. Courses may be repeated. The higher of the grades will be calculated in the cumulative grade point average.

Transfer credit. Some degree programs offered by Gordon allow transfer credits if the course(s) are equivalent. After matriculation, students should submit a Transfer of Credit form and an official transcript as well as a description of the course being transferred; a committee will review the request and approve/disapprove it.

Nondegree Students. Students may take courses as a non-degree student if the cohort has available space. Permission is granted by the director of Graduate Education.

Auditing. Students who are not pursuing a degree or licensure may enroll in graduate courses for professional development purposes. The cost is $350 per credit plus the necessary fees. Nonmatriculated students must apply to the director of graduate studies for approval. Class attendance is required but no work may be submitted for evaluation.

Requirements for Graduation

  • An application for graduation submitted to the Graduate Office with a fee of $180
  • Completion of all program requirements with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Endorsement from the Board of Trustees
  • Final administrative and academic clearance

Commencement Participation. Graduate students who will have completed all requirements by the end of the summer session are eligible to participate in Commencement. Degree candidates who have no more than 6 credits remaining may petition the Graduate Council to walk at Commencement. Candidates must be registered for the final course(s) and have all balances cleared prior to April 30. Degrees are conferred on three dates each year: May commencement, August 31 and December 31. All work must be completed and graded prior to the date of the degree conferral.

Grading. Graduate students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Only courses with grades of B- quality or better will be counted towards completion of the program requirements. The GPA is calculated on the credit hours attempted at Gordon. If a student receives approval to repeat a course, only the higher grade earned will be used to calculate the grade point average. Grade points are assigned for each credit earned according to the following chart:



Grade Points







Very good









Low pass









Failure to pass








Grade point averages are determined by dividing total grade points by total hours attempted at Gordon.

Students wishing to withdraw from a course must contact the Registrar’s Office and complete a Withdrawal form by the established deadlines. See Withdrawal Policy in Registration.

Request for changes of assigned grades, due to error or misinformation, must be submitted by the instructor, signed by the advisor, and received by the Registrar’s Office within the first 30 days after the course has ended.

The grade I (Incomplete) is allowed when a student is unable to complete course requirements due to unpreventable or unforeseen circumstances. Students have seven weeks after the start of a new term to complete coursework for a course granted an Incomplete. Students may petition for an additional seven weeks due to extenuating circumstances. Request an Incomplete Grade Request form from the Graduate Education Office.

Graduate Council. The Graduate Council, under the jurisdiction of the College government structure, is responsible for all policies related to the M.Ed. and Ed.S. programs including approval of applicants, petitions, appeals and graduation. The Council is chaired by the director of graduate studies and consists of two teaching faculty within the Division of Education, one teaching faculty member outside the division, a teacher from the greater academic community whose specialty is one of the areas of focus of the degree programs, and the assistant to the director.