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Graduate Academic Catalog 2015-2016 
Graduate Academic Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Music Education

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The Master of Music Education (M.M.Ed.) degree at Gordon College emphasizes the improvement of music teaching skills. All coursework is relevant to the music classroom and prepares the music educator to become more effective in aiding students’ musical development. While cognitive and academic areas are essential, this degree program recognizes the importance of applying knowledge and theory to the process of teaching.   For students who already possess the Massachusetts K - 12 Initial License, the Master of Music Education program will lead to endorsement for Professional K - 12 licensure with the completion of this degree program.  The licensure component is not a mandatory element of the master’s degree program.

The M.M.Ed. is a summers-only program except for three (3) hours of Field-Based Teaching Experience or Thesis during the academic year (total 30 hours). Students who take a full load of courses each summer, nine (9) credits, may expect to complete the degree in three summers plus one year to complete the Field-Based Experience or Thesis in their own classroom. Courses meet three weeks online, two weeks in the classroom on campus, suspend for a one-week mini-term during which workshops are offered, and resume for two additional weeks on campus in the classroom.

A maximum of three (3) credits may be earned each summer during workshop week. Workshop credits range from 1.5 credits for a 2.5-day workshop to 3 credits for a full-week workshop. A maximum of six (6) workshop hours count as electives towards the degree. Electives also may be taken as Special Topics or Ensembles, one (1) credit each. Students may also register two times for the MMEA Conference, one (1) credit each.

All students must register for Lab Ensemble each of three summers. This rehearsal/class seminar permits music teachers to be music makers, thus allowing students to learn from one another and the instructor(s) involved. If there are sufficient students registered, the Lab Ensemble will consist of choral, instrumental and general music sections.

Gordon also offers an initial licensure only program for those with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than music education-see separate section for licensure only-and a 12-credit professional license program.


Music Education (9 credits)

Electives (minimum 6 credits)

  • Workshops are offered during a one-week mini-term and change each summer.
  • Workshops (1.5 credits per 2.5 days) (0–6)
  • Conducting Seminar (0–2)
  • General Music Seminar (0–2)
  • Child and Adolescent Vocal Pedagogy (0–2)
  • Applied Lessons (by transfer credit) (0–3)
  • Special Topics in Music (1 credit each) (0–3) ****
  • Ensembles (0–2)
  • MMEA Conference (0–2)

Minimum Credits: 30

* Hours taken for theory and history reviews do not count towards graduate credit.

** All students must take Techniques of Conducting unless waived by audition. Students who complete Techniques of Conducting may take Conducting Seminar as an elective.

*** The Field-Based Experience and Thesis are completed off campus during the academic school year.

**** Electives in special topics are offered during the summer term and/or can be taken during the academic year. Course requirements are available in the Music Office.

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